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December 28, 2010

Christmas Crafts

It seems like every other year I was working quite a bit during the weeks leading up to Christmas. However, this year I had lots of time at home with Ayden, which has been awesome! I wanted to make ornaments out of ordinary things and turn them into cute things.  It was really fun, and they are so fun to give as gifts! The reindeer are made from half of a walnut shell with googly eyes and a bead for a nose, and pipe cleaners for antlers. We put black card stock on the back to make it look nicer. We didn’t know what to use for a mouth, so we just used a sharpie :] These were really fun to make, I’m sure we will do it again next year.

The snowflakes are made from paper towel rolls. We just cut a bunch of pieces of the tube and put them in a circle. We made a couple of them by guiding pipe cleaners through the pieces, but this was pretty time consuming and a little difficult for Ayden. So, we resorted to using the gluegun, which was way easier. Lastly, we dipped them in glue and glitter :] So cute!

Toilet Paper Roll Snowflakes and Walnut Reindeer